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Using Twitter in the Classroom

Veja como utilizar o Twitter nas suas aulas. Por vezes precisamos apenas de algumas ideias.

Twitter is a social microblogging site that enables users to create social and professional learning networks. This free service allows you to share in short, 140 character phrases an answer to the question: "What you are doing?" You can also follow other Twitter users to see what they are doing. The limit of 140 characters requires users to be concise and to the point. Twitter is an informal way of staying in touch with others. One thing I like to share with people is that you DON'T have to have a Twitter account to follow just need to know their user name.

Some quick ideas for using Twitter in your classroom:
  1. Give your students (or parents) your 'teacher' twitter account URL. Then use this to easily communicate quick reminders about homework or tests. They don't need a twitter account to see your tweets.
  2. Have students use @replies to return questions to the teacher. This allows everyone to see the questions and the responses!
  3. Remember: All info you put on twitter can be seen by anyone, unless you use the DM option to Direct Message another twitter user. 

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